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In India where the people have computers, but out of them approx 90% don't know the proper use and utilization of computer and its technology. At Research House our young and dynamic expertise working round the clock to come up with the solution. Their tremendous efforts and will power has produced three unique software product in the market i.e. PLA, PPA , PIA & 2iSolution for Legal Advisors, Placement Consultants and Insurance Advisors, traders, respectively. And they are still going on at tremendous pace to bring several new products, which will be unique, easy to adopt, cost saving, useful and very helpful to the users.

we launched a unique multi-information portal ,under the Brand name of which provides the user all types of information viz. medicine, sports, entertainment , consultants, banking, suppliers And distributors of various goods & professionals who are master in their respective field. It has shrunk the world of information as it connects you to all the major search engines of the world.

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A Product for Lawyers: PLA (Para Legal Assistant)